Shooting with glock pistol and night sights

Glock pistols are one of the most reliable firearms in the market from many decades. some of the glock fans owns pistol from over 25 years without having any issues. all of this great things about this pistol makes it weapon of choice for law enforcement agencies. Glock has making pistol with polymer sights that are no good in shooting at night. All these law enforcement agencies and even those who buy for home defense go for the option of fiber optic and tritium sights for shooting at night. so lets take a look at some of the information about these night sights.

We must begin it by saying that if you are not sure how to install the night sights ask a friend or visit a gunsmith to do the job for you. improper fitting of glock sights may void the warranty of product. after removing the old sight clean up the area before installation of new sight. Sights are very very easy to pick up and shoot it gives awesome experience at night. Before put it into the service always check sights by shooting at target whether it shoots perfectly or not make sure it zeros or not.

i heard people complain about exposing your self in the dark with this nights but actually this nights sights are hard to see from distance. to increase the accuracy at night one has to use these night sights. firefly nights sights are one of the newest sights that illuminates great we recommend to check it out. with the nights sights you can shoot quickly with both eyes open and its much easier shooting.

In case of defense you don’t get more chances so owner of glock sights should install night sights if they want to shoot the target accurate, and in emergency situations you must.

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